Our Bed and Breakfast Testimonials


"We drive up the long curved driveway in the lazy countryside. It's quiet - alpacas don't make any noise - but they will stop and check you over as Redford, the dog comes to meet you.

Jody, in her farm clothes, will greet you and show you to your overnight hideaway which is a very spacious upstairs of a remodeled old barn. (It is not yet handicap accessible.)

During the night, Redford will guard your door from the
porch landing. After a peaceful restful sleep, you wake
to quiet again - well, you may hear the clip clop of an Amish buggy on the main road or the rooster (if he is out of the coop).

Out of any window you look, you will see penned fields of the gentle alpaca, frolicking or grazing. Jody will feed you a hefty farmer's breakfast (most of the items will be from their farm or local farmers).
Depending on the time of day and year you could find Frank and the boys on a piece of farm equipment tending to chores. Jody runs a store in the basement of the barn where she makes and sells beautiful items from the alpaca fiber. She has recently begun dying the fiber - quite a process - she might even invite you to try your hand at it if you wish.
You will not be a stranger at Lana Bella nor will you feel crowded or burdened. I myself, enjoy sitting on the upper deck in an Adirondack chair, reading a book and enjoying the beauty of nature.

It's as good as it gets!!! "



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