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Benefits of Certified Sorting

  • Yearly harvest of fiber sorted into grades by color and length.

  • Individual Sort Record on each animal with data that includes fleece weight by body area, grade of each area, comments on luster/brightness, density and uniformity of crimp, test for tenderness,Sorters comments on fiber.

  • Sort Summary for the entire clip. Provides information on the amount of fiber in each grade, color and length category.

  • Increase in usable fiber – typically waste is less than 8 oz per alpaca

  • Increase in potential profit from fiber

  • Superior products created from sorted fiber

  • Less loss of fiber during production
    (10-15% less than average)

  • Opportunity to become an NAAFP Coop

  • Suggested uses for each grade of fiber
    along with profit projections for each grade for retail and wholesale options.

  • Assistance with herd management – external parasites, skin conditions, fiber stress breaks
    can be identified and addressed during sorting process
  • No need to skirt fiber at a later date

  • Clip ready for processing

  • Once shearing day is over you’re done!


7256 Kensington Rd. NE
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Jody Hezoucky
Certified Sorter

Live Sort $15.00
Bag Sort $20.00
Properly prepared
Noodle fleeces $15.00

Sorting includes Blanket
and Neck


"I brought fleeces from my herd to Jody and observed as she went through the grading and sorting process. We recorded several different attributes about each fleece, and Jody graded by the handful, rather than a whole blanket. The fleeces were sorted to
grade, as well as into Long/Short and Hairy/Non Hairy. The result was amazing. We had bags of fleece that were ready to process, but there was so much more than that. Several cria fleeces were graded, and one of the comments was "tender tips." If it weren't for Jody, we'd have tried to process it into yarn. Because of her advice, we instead blended these fleeces with 30% silk to strengthen it, had it returned as roving, and handspun it. To date, it is the most beautiful product I've had the pleasure of having my hands on. If we hadn't gotten the sort, it would likely have been ruined by a commercial spinner. That
was worth much much more than the price of admission. On all of our fleeces, we got comments and ideas about what was good in the fleece and what needed improvement. This information will be invaluable when we begin making breeding decisions for the girls.

Jody is a pleasure to work with, and extremely knowledgeable about fleece in its own
right, and it's use in different types of processing. As for me, I can market my end products honestly and appropriately. The end products have been exceeding my customer's expectations and giving them an incredible impression of alpaca fleece. This contributes to the success of the industry as a whole. I will continue to bring my fleeces to Jody for grading, as well as purchasing graded fleece. I can't think of a better investment to protect the inherent value of our alpacas."

- Chris Condley
Elite Yarn Plus, LLP

Sorting Links:
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How to properly collect fleece for sorting when a sorter
is not available for a live sort:

Click here for instructions on how to collect your fleece if a sorter is not available for live sort.


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