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Lana Bella Alpaca Farm is located on 53 acres in Carrollton, Ohio. Alpacas produce one of  the world's finest natural fibers. There are many Alpaca products that can come from Alpaca fibers. They are not only good investment animals they make great pets.

Fiber Sorting Services

As a Certified Sorter, I am available to sort your fleeces by grade. By haveing your fleeces sorted with this system you will not only be able to make better breeding decisions, but you will have a sort report on each alpaca, and a summary for your entire herd on the fiber grades you are producing. From this information you can determine what is the best uses for your fiber and how to maximise your profit from your total clip.


Sorting at Live Shearing  $15 includes Blanket and Neck

Sorting out of a Bag $20

For more info on fiber sorting and the North American Fiber Producers

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